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MAGIC EYE LD-TYPE BLUE CONTACT LENSES (PAIRS) have cosmetic colors made of pigments those were approved by CE as safe materials for the contact lens and are used for the manufacturing of color contact lenses widely in the world.

MAGIC EYE color lenses are manufactured by advanced surface coloring method to prevent all the regular defects of color lens such as decolorization, color separation, and etc, for the improved safety of use.

Comfortable Wearing

MAGIC EYE LD-TYPE BLUE CONTACT LENSES (PAIRS) are designed mainly to reduce the discomfort from its inception. So, it can offer a comfortable fitting, fast adaptation, and less objection to the beginners, as well as existing users.

New Manufacturing Technology

MAGIC EYE color lenses are manufactured by Casting Method for Edge Out Technology with Multi-Curve Structure on the surface designed especially to reduce the cornea pressure & eyestrain and to help the fluent tear circulation. Colour Lenses MAGIC EYE
  • Sold as a pair of lenses
  • For dark and light eyes
  • Patented Hydrogel material
  • High oxygen permeability
  • Exceptional full day comfort
  • 1 year life span once opened
Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 42%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Centre Thickness 0.06 @ -4.00
Power Range Plano -0.00
Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
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